Dog Walking, Sitting & Puppy Care

Every dog needs walking; it's not just about getting some exercise and going to the toilet either. Being stuck inside for long periods of time can lead to boredom, depression, and often behavioural problems as a result. Walks give you a great opportunity to relieve that boredom, bond, socialise and even get a bit of training in there too! Prior to your first booking, I come and meet you and your dog in your home and gather as much information about your dog as I can (and of couse have a few cuddles) We discuss together what sort of walks your dog enjoys, and any issues that may affect their enjoyment of the walk. This way I can offer a tailor made service and you are confident that I can be trusted with your dog. I base my walk from your home and use the 'map my walk' app to evidence the route and duration of the walk. I only walk one client's dog(s) at one time as I feel that this is the best way to keep your dog happy & relaxed. I can focus just on them and give them the best quality walk, and you the best value for money.

If you live outside of Saffron Walden there will be an additional charge of 50 pence per mile to cover travelling costs.

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Monday-Friday Walks
1dog ~ 30mins ~ £15
          45mins ~ £17
          1hr       ~ £20
any further dogs from the same household are charged at £5 each.


weekends & bank holidays
We all know our pets are most comfortable in their own homes. I can offer dog sitting slots at your own house from 1hr-3hrs at weekends (subject to availability) During this time I can play with your dog, walk it and feed it as required. The price for sitting is fixed regardless of how many dogs you have in the house.
sitting~ £18 per hr 
walking~ £25 per hr
any further dogs from the same household are charged at £10 each.


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Puppy Outings
A socialisation booking for your puppy in the big wide world. In a safe, calm and controlled way, your puppy will encounter noise, traffic, people, cafe's, shops etc. Travel in the car into town and then enjoy a positive experience with reward and reinforcement. Booking is 1hr inc travel and for puppies I have already provided puppy visits to.
Mon-Fri ~ £25
Weekend/Bank Hol ~ £30

Puppy Visits
 Dog pop-ins 
40 minutes

This service includes feeding, playing, garden time, medication administering if necessary, & any cleaning up that might be required. Whether it's for a puppy or an older dog, your pet will benefit from the company & stimulation that this booking offers. 

Mon-Fri ~ £15

Weekend/bank hol ~ £18